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Then you probably running out of space. So even with all controllers disabled the addin card doesn’t display AHCI mode nor even allow me to change the value in the bios of the card Probably it’s this one. I need to pass that screen to boot from usb and flash again, but I can’t. I read on this forum http:

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Star-USB3/SATA6 | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI USA

So I hope this will help somebody. I have a problem. Just freez there on black screen and after that just helps if I shutdown pc unplug MSI card and power up again to go into windows.

I wish you great ssd speeds. Nevertheless, in my case even with all switeched off nothing happens Pluged-in on my mobo PCI-I 16x port didn’t had a 4x.

MSI Star USB3 / SATA6 PCI-E Controller Card

Then you probably running out of space. I’ve also tried to disable everything I could just to be able to reach the Marvell boot screen.

The product is not on the MSI website, but it appears to use a Marvell controller as well. So I’m not sure that something is being dispalyed as error. Thank you in advance for your help. Can somebody help me? Station Drivers site no longer has the files I need for this card.


CarlosF on March, From what you and eventually other contributors know the card had any selection available in bios to change the cpu mode? If possible another PCI-x1 slot could also help. Any help and advice would be appreciated. So even with all controllers disabled the addin card doesn’t display AHCI mode nor even allow me to change the value in the bios of the card Strange, the flasher should give an error when it runs into a problem.

I downloaded couple of firmwares, flashed it to card with PC programmer. The USB booted and I typed go. Probably it’s this one. I did receive an error of ID when flashing, it said the firmware ID was for a different card ID but it flashed all 7 sections of flash, hit enter at the end and told me it was successful.

What error do you get?

Windows, before installing the Marcell drive form teh cd and latest recognize it as IDE ports It is working, installed as a boot drive with Win7x64 and it goes well. Please login or register.


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Can someone have any experience with this addin board and advice? I used the Samsung magician app pro ssd to apply Rapid mode and optimized everything using the Magician software as well.

After doing much searching on the net for a “how to” I ended up registering here JUST to get that attachment above and try it. Can’t even go in windows. Are you using AHCI in the mobo bios too?

MSI Star-USB3/SATA6 prices

Probably is the ROM space that is already full. Asus p5E mobo, Addin card on 16x slot, Card Bios: Thanks in advance Michal. Thank you for the the attachment and info.