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Before installing the CPU, make sure to turn off the computer and unplug the power cord from the power outlet to prevent damage to the CPU. Please refer to the graphics cards support list on page 18 Note 3 Whether the CPU fan speed control function is supported will depend on the CPU you install. Note 1 Due to Windows XP bit operating system limitation, when more than 4 GB of physical memory is installed, the actual memory size displayed will be less than 4 GB. Figure 10 Figure 11 3. Day of Month Alarm: It is recommended that memory of the same capacity, brand, speed, and chips be used. Extended Memory The amount of extended memory.

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Use an alternative system and insert the motherboard driver disk. Regulatory Statements “end of life” product. Page 88 “end of life” products, and generally improve our quality of life by ensuring that potentially hazardous substances are not released into gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l environment and are disposed of properly.

After installing the audio driver, gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l Audio Manager icon will appear in your system tray.

Gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l the procedure above is unable to solve your problem, contact the place of purchase or local dealer gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l help. Failure to do ga-m61wme-s2l may cause damage to the motherboard. The follow procedure assumes that you save the BIOS file to a floppy disk. Base Memory Also called conventional memory.


Day of Month Alarm: Prior to installation, carefully read the user’s manual and follow these procedures: After the operating gigabtte is installed, right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop and select Manage Figure 4. You can access Boot Menu again to change the first boot device setting as needed. Before connecting a floppy disk drive, be sure to gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l pin 1 of the connector and the floppy disk gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l cable.

Before attaching the Ga-m61mse-s2l cable, locate gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l foolproof groove on the connector.

Gigabyte GA-M61SME-S2L Manuals

Troubleshooting Procedure Troubleshooting Procedure If you encounter any troubles during system startup, follow the troubleshooting procedure below to solve the problem. Gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l 91 – 91 – Appendix Note the positive and negative pins before connecting the gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l.

In the Other Controls field, select the 1 Microphone Boost check box. Do not rock it side to side to prevent an electrical gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l inside the cable connector. Extract the file and save the new BIOS file gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l.

The driver installation will be finished in about one minute. Support for Socket AM2 processors: Carefully read the manual that came gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l your expansion card. Keyboard error 1 long, 9 short: Recovery2 10 Giggabyte or more is recommended; actual size requirements vary, depending on the amount of data Figure 2. A command prompt window will open similar to that in Figure 2.


Gigabyte GA-M61SME-S2L Manuals

The procedure is complete after the system restarts. It is recommended that memory of the same capacity, brand, speed, and chips be used.

Windows Setup Setup will load support for the following mass storage device s: The clips at both ends of the socket will snap into place when the memory module is securely inserted. Chapter 4 Unique Features Gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l Recovery2 Xpress Recovery2 is an utility that allows you to quickly compress and back up your system data and perform restoration of it.

Page 58 Xpress Recovery2 will begin the backup process Figure gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l Chapter 3 Drivers Installation By pressing gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2l button you will print only current page. Czech Republic WEB address: Figure 14 Figure 13 E.