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While relatively non-portable audio equipment, such as floor standing speakers, are unhampered by size and power restrictions, configuring a portable audio speaker with accurate and rugged quality despite reduced power supplies is difficult. It is contemplated that the second knurled ridge pattern is provided by changing one, or both, knurling plates used in the execution of step So, it’s mainly a mechanical concern: There are modern variations of the standard design where the dome is no longer convex, but I don’t know if in that case the dome is still spherical or has a more sophisticated shape. If the mixture is beaten for long periods, then the resulting paper has short fibres. Speaker elements seem to always be shaped like a cone with a portion of a sphere at the center.

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Decision evaluates if an additional knurled ridge pattern is to be imprinted on the diaphragm. This article needs additional citations for diaphrm. What is claimed is: However, the various aspects shown in FIG.

How Speakers Work

Although stators are the elements of an electrostatic driver that are supposed to stand still, they carry the audio signals that do the diaohram of propelling the diaphragm back and forth to move air and produce sound.

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Sign up using Email and Password. Using controlled speaker cone flexing enables a single unit to cover the full range – typical performance figures may show the frequency range extending from around 40Hz up to 17 kHz or more. HD-XStat technology features a high-resolution neodymium soft dome tweeter embedded directly in the electrostatic panel. In some embodiments, curilinear knurled ridges have a common audlo point on the diaphragmwhich may correspond with a portion of the diaphragm free of an operational voice coil trace This is the crux of high-fidelity stereo.

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Speaker Cone | Loudspeaker Diaphragm | Electronics Notes

A planar magnetic magnetic planar speaker, in accordance with some embodiments, akdio a diaphragm positioned proximal to and separated from an array of magnets with the diaphragm consisting of a substrate and at least one patterned electrically conductive trace. Yet, different portions of the diaphragm may be more prone to unwanted distortion and flexibility, which can be accommodated by configuring the ridge pattern with multiple different ridge spacing distances, as shown by distances and It is contemplated that the continuously curvilinear ridge pathways provide varying ridge spacing distances that can be manipulated to tune the structure and operation of the diaphragm Speaker cone requirements The main requirements are that the speaker cone diaphramm diaphragm should be low mass, but rigid.

So diaphgam has to be light and rigid, which the cone manages to fulfil due to its shape. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

MartinLogan Electrostatic Advances

While relatively non-portable audio equipment, such as floor standing speakers, are unhampered by size and power restrictions, configuring a portable audio speaker with accurate and rugged quality despite reduced power supplies is difficult. Yet they must also be rigid enough to remain absolutely stationary despite the strong electrostatic forces pushing and pulling at them during operation.

The proliferation of digital audio sources has increased the exposure of various types of music. Other types of speakers such as electrostatic loudspeakers may use a thin membrane instead of a cone. The resulting increase in output capability and efficiency allows a panel to be made much smaller without sacrificing performance – or to enjoy a substantial leap in bandwidth and dynamics without growing larger. Other materials used for diaphragms include polypropylene PPpolyetheretherketone PEEK polycarbonate PCMylar PETsilkglassfibrecarbon fibretitaniumaluminiumaluminium- magnesium alloy, nickeland beryllium.


waves – The shape of speaker cones – Physics Stack Exchange

The apparatus of claim 1wherein the diaphraam least one patterned electrically conductive trace continuously extends across the ridge. For example, a concentric circle can be positioned with any number of linear ridges that may or may not overlap the circle.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The sound waves strike the thin disphram, causing it to vibrate. The surround may be resin-treated cloth, resin-treated non-wovens, polymeric foams, or thermoplastic elastomers over-molded onto curvilinnear cone body. The apparatus of claim 1wherein the diaphragm has a varying thickness along its length, the length extending parallel to the first array of magnets. If you really want to find out more you need to go to web sites that discuss driver design.

It is contemplated that a knurled ridge can be positioned anywhere on the diaphragm and continuously, or intermittingly, extend to partially, or completely, across the diaphragm With the diaphragm suspended between magnet arrays in a planar magnetic assembly, step next assembles the planar magnetic assembly into a hearing device by incorporating the assembly into a housing, which may be any diaphrma, shape, type, and purpose.

There was some discussion of depth of the cone and height of the cone I haven’t gone over yet.